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 Rho - West "Tangenziale" road  – Farm Ghisolfa

Italy circles go on “turning round”

Willing to understand more, let’s meet who knows well the Tangenziale road in the west of Milan.


by Margherita Campaniolo


Translation in English of Dr. Giuseppina Cusenza


The 2003 seemed to be remembered as “the year of Italian crop circles” but the 2004 does not seem to be less important.

All begins with a particular formation appeared in the countryside of Pabillonis (Cagliari) in Sardinia that, for its characteristics, is surely to be considered a flattening caused by bad weather conditions, afterwards, in the nights between end of May and early in June, under a fair full moon, a subsequence of formations occurred, followed by reports from Middle Italy and from the North as well.

Many visitors, lovers and researchers went in the mentioned places, someone for curiosity, someone to carry out surveys for research, all it was with a behaviour often little respectful or not at all towards nature, plants, fields owners.

Among the crop circles found, one is nearby Milan, more precisely in the place of Rho and, thereafter, a second one is in the same place.

We asked to Vittorio Aggio, Webmaster of the website “TANG.O - Tangenziale ovest online” any more precise news about the second one in Lombardy of which Aggio wrote and published an interesting report, with enclosed pictures, that can be read to the link:


Aggio: After the discover of some circles at the top of a triangle of 20 metres, found last 2 June in a field near via (street) Pace, that at present has not had an official explanation yet, some jokers, perhaps a Saturday night childish trick, thought to do some geometrical shapes in a field next to the farm Ghisolfa, with the only result to damage the harvest to the unaware farm, but drawing the attention of a crowd of lookers.


MC: In your report you defined the pattern as a formation made by two circles, could you tell more considering that the pictures we have are not proper?

Aggio: Yes, the arranged pattern has in the middle of the field, near a tree, two circles, one of about 6 metres of diameter, the other one of about 4 metres,  far each other less than 5 metres.


MC: Geometrically, how does the crop circle look?

Aggio: I speak of circles, but they are not clear when seen closely, from above I would not know how they may look. Besides, from the biggest circle a path starts to the farm Ghisolfa  (in the picture on the left).


MC: At the beginning of our chat you defined the crop as a work by “some jokers, perhaps a Saturday night childish trick”; why do you think so?

Aggio: Although it is a private property you can at night drive your car over there, get out with the tools without be seen. 


MC: And the aliens?

Aggio: I think it is unlikely and, let’s say absurd, in this case to talk about alien circles. Both in daylight and at night the place is of high transit, many people would have been able to see them: it is next the West “tangenziale” road, lot of traffic all the day, (the webcam of Molino Dorino, besides, takes partly the sky above the field), at night, although decreasing, the traffic is high all the same because the road Ghisolfa is at few metres from the incinerator of Figino, (I remember that the service for refuse collection work particularly at night), and because it is a street, two km far from here, much run by the viados , phenomenon of third type, but, rationally explicable, and by their clients. In this case, therefore, I confirm the thesis of the local police: a joke. 

However, against any doubt, in my opinion, analyzing the other phenomena, all similar, of ufo local sightings, above all along the bed of Ticino, the mystery must be resolved and researched in the field of the possible landing. It would need to check the elements forming the soil in this field (I refer to the field near via Pace) to give a serious and reliable explanation to the possible landing.

Not being an expertise, I stop here at the table of the elements: the expertises and the best ufo researchers know what I am referring to. Therefore, better let them to go on since they know something more about alien chemistry and technology. My passing over it would be only a simple fancy opinion of a layman.


M.C.: During your surveys in the field of the farm Ghisolfa, did you point out anomalies in the instruments, did you hear about diseases or other?

Aggio: No, no anomalies, everything ok. Mobiles, radio, cameras were functioning very well and nobody among the presents felt unease even temporarily, neither in the following days.


For now, goodbye Mr. Vittorio Aggio and thank you for your kindness.

We share at 100% his opinions; for many people the phenomenon crop circles is a phenomenon “resolved”; we think that all has not been told and anything has not been properly, adequately and objectively enough checked and the questions of many people would deserve serious answers and a professional research; it seems that this is not happening.


Margherita Campaniolo

Web Master of



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