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Space Freedom is proud to share with their readers the l'Ufopsi Award 2004



Space Freedom - News Crop Circles 2004


Translation in English of Dr. Giuseppina Cusenza


22/06 Wonderful English formations have appeared in the young fields of crop beyond the Channel. Very beautiful, in our opinion, the crop circle of Alton Barnes, in the Wiltshire, a crop that will not be easily visited because the owner, said that he will not allow to anybody the entry to the field since the plants are still in a too early stage. In England, after many years of common practise of asking for a little fee to each visitor of a crop nowadays they have changed to more strictness and to issue of bans that if not met they can cause the crop circle cut. Someone thinks that this has nothing to do with an exasperated reaction of the farmers and that it is not at all a damage for someone, and that the farmers, in many cases, are refunded by those who will make the crop, whereas, the missing entry to the field does not allow to carry out suitable analysis, that is not so pleased when the mystery is a main component in the business '"art". Photos, plans and report here

New formations in Germany and a crop circles in Russia here

by Margherita Campaniolo

21/06 7 circles found near Pavia to be  continued  

 17/06 Nice crop circles in Wiltshire! photo and plan

16/06 Rho – West “tangenziale” road – Farm Ghisolfa - Italy circles go on “turning round” Willing to understand more, let’s meet who knows well the Tangenziale road in the west of be continued

by Margherita Campaniolo

15/06 The 5 English formations of June Nice, precise, they can draw from the symbolical tradition of the past how they can “dare" new shapes. Photos and details on the database of Space Freedom to be continued

13/06 Crop Circle 2 of Borello place (Bacciolino) - Cesena Found other crop circles to be continued


13/06 Crop Circle 1 of Borello - Cesena Three wide crop circles  to be continued


13/06 Crop Circle of Montegranaro "Signs" in the crop fields New reports after the clamour of last year  to be continued


10/06 Crop Circle of Nozzano - Lucca Ears bent in a field, fancy is carrying away in Nozzano  to be continued


10/06 Crop Circle of Vaglierano - Asti Alien farmer workers?   to be continued

10/06 Crop Circle of Aqui Terme - Alessandria An Y close to the ruins of an old Roman waterworks     to be continued


07/06 Sabaudia Circle 2004 «Crop circles», a real mystery by ufo researchers Concentric circles checked yesterday by some researchers of paranormal phenomena appeared in a farm in Sant’Andrea  to be continued

by Romano Tripodi for Il Tempo


07/06 It is all a “blooming” of crop circles in the middle-North of Italy After the news of some patterns at Rho and Orciano, now it is the time of Sabaudia, Asti, Alessandria..... Read the database of Space Freedom


06/06 “The aliens with a human foot” ORCIANO – The aliens have come back but they could have ……..human feet... Someone can assure they have seen near big crop circles, appeared yesterday morning on the green hills of Orciano, shoes’ prints. But the mysterious geometrical drawings, drawn much accurately in the corn not ripe yet, are still charming.  to be continued


  05/06 Other three English crop circles found in the green barley.        One was surely made in May    Report here

The other two are mentioned by “Crop Circle Research" as belonging to June. Since I have some doubts on it, waiting for further clarifications, they will be not published in the database of Space Freedom. It should be a flower, of about 90-100 mt. of diameter (no picture by now) and a crop of a square shape (looking rather bad) that you can see here:

by Margherita Campaniolo

03/06 It is the time of the Italian patterns! The day before the “start” of the TV fiction broadcasting “Taken” in Italy two important crop circles have appeared, one in Tuscany and one in Lombardy Report here

03/06 Mistery at Rho Crop circles: "They are UFO" Not having a reasonable explication, people from Rho but above all young people, like to think that last night the aliens stopped in the town. to be continued

by Michele Perla for Il Giornale

01/06 Pictogram worthy of Wiltshire May ends with a complex (as carried out) pictogram out of the classic standards   For pictures and description

by Margherita Campaniolo

01/06 New German crops: Four circles that Invisible Circle made known and three of them are considered man work to be continued

01/06 The USA have their first crop 2004  to be continued

27/05 It is the turn of the Wiltshire crop The moon is finally crescent, Is this, perhaps, the reason of the renewal of crop circles formation ? May be. Here is, on 25th of May, after some days, a new English crop, at Pewsey Hill. Little striking, three close circles placed at increasing size, the biggest one, with a ring in the centre. This time it is corn, still young, without ears. We know little about it and the precise dimensions have not been told yet.  We are waiting further reports. Click here for the photos

by Margherita Campaniolo


19/05 First Polish crop of 2004 Near  Zabno, a little village, north-west far from Tarnow, in Poland, a geometrical crop circle was found, on a corn field. It is made of a big circle inside a ring, “laying down” on another circular geometry that may be seen only half-size. It could seem the iconic appearance of an hidden heavenly body, like an eclipse and perhaps the total eclipse of the moon on the 4th of May could have been the inspirer. The news, published on the ufological web site  Internauci , is dated on the 16th of May and the Polish research team CBUFOIZA is interested in the crop.

by Margherita Campaniolo


19/05 Ring on an english rapeseed oil  In the'Hampshire, at Telegraph Hill (Nr No Man's Land), on the 15th of May a simple ring was found on a reapeseed oil field. Photo to the link and closer photos to the link and

by Margherita Campaniolo

08/05 Nice and complex geometry .  English pattern at Pegsdon Found on the 3rd of May ....... To be continued

by  Margherita Campaniolo


 30/05 A Ghost Crop Circle To be continued

by  Margherita Campaniolo


05/05 A circle among rapeseed flowers Michael Glickman informs the community interested in crop circles of this new crop circle

 to be continued 

by  Margherita Campaniolo



15/04 The first Italian crop circle of 2004 Near San Gavino Monreale, in Cagliari district, a crop has appeared. According to the people who saw it at short distance, the crop has not a circular shape (the classic crop shape) but it looks like a geometry not so regular but rather wide (more than 500 square meters). The crop field is located along the road to Pabillonis, a famous place in the area of the crop circles since it  “received”, in Sa Mandara place, the last Italian crop circle (spread on the 8th of July 2003 by “Unione Sarda” newspaper) of 2003. As it often happens, among the people living there, somebody thinks it is an atmospheric event, some people tells of a light seen in the sky in the previous days and others remember that in that village, in the past, happenings that may belong to ufological events took place. We will follow the updating. For pictures  

by Margherita Campaniolo


05/04  Crop Details of Space Freedom  The ancient phenomenon of  'Fairy circles' of Namibia Among the phenomena belonging to the soil and to the circle shape, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating is the 'Fairy circles', particular circumferential areas without plants typical of the Namibia landscape ..                                         to be continued 

by Margherita Campaniolo



04/04  Here is Australia. The first Australian circles of 2004 The circles lovers and the farmer say: "These circles are not human work “ but the explanation of this phenomenon is diametrically opposite! ...    to be continued

by   Margherita Campaniolo



23/03 Crop circles season coming back "Here is the first of 2004" It speaks English (this is a classic) but it is a little ugly (and this will disappoint somebody); nothing to do with the Wiltshire (What a shame! You have lost) and it is “striking a discordant note” for the interested plant (the first crop is not usually on the rape or other oil seeds, isn’t it?) ... anyway we are happy to announce the first crop of 2004 ...   to be continued  


by Margherita Campaniolo






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