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Seven circles found near Pavia

Italian crops increase to 12

by Margherita Campaniolo


Translation in English of Dr. Giuseppina Cusenza


21 June 2004 - At Casei Gerola, in a crop field on the border to Pontecurone (Alessandria) flat ear circles have been found. To report the news is the newspaper La Provincia Pavese dated 19th of June 2004. Precisely, it deals with seven circles of different dimensions, some of them are linked each other by segments, a drawing basically rather simple.

The circles, defined by the newspaper "well done", if analysed more carefully they are not so much; if we say that the crop of Casei is, undoubtedly, a willing work, then the adjective is justifiable, it deals with a geometrical crop but for the "purists", it is not difficult to verify, in the formation, the presence of several broken ears and of borders not very clear, "cleaned".


Well far therefore from the English wonders, the last one in chronological order, appeared on the 16th of June in the Wiltshire, is a real masterpiece precisely for arrangement and complexity. By the way, in Italy, we are starting!

Undoubtedly, the crop circles have a special power of attracting people and a strong media impact. Many people in this time went to  Casei to see closely the seven circles and the owners, try to keep the harvest as best they can do, watching at the property, they have therefore blocked off the field; besides, along the borders they have put a sign banning not to entry in that private property. It is without doubt that they have to face hard times, we wish that the visitors have respect for the work of people living on the fruits of land.

by Margherita Campaniolo

Translation in English of Dr. Giuseppina Cusenza



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