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08/07/06 L'etereo fiore di Calcinaia Sette anelli identici lanciati tra bionde spighe di grano.... ed il gioco è fatto.... Non è più odore di messi quello che si sente ma il delicato profumo di un etereo fiore che sale verso l'alto. Amici di Space Freedom, è grazie a Marco se possiamo ammirare, in modo ottimale, il cerchio nel grano di Calcinaia

di  Margherita Campaniolo




03/07/06 The mad aliens of Montegranaro. And they should have been really stressed if the highest effort was “to copy "

by Margherita Campaniolo





03/07/06 Agroglifo at Osimo In a field of wheat five circles have appeared

03/07/06 At Livorno Ferraris a strange appearance of two circles. A framer tells the  story of what happened to himself

03/07/06 Other circles at Lizzano, Montegranaro and Palormo - Updating in Space Freedom database

30/06/06 And after the view from the top A look into the heart of the "star of winds" by Poirino

by  Margherita Campaniolo

27/06/06 Torino, Poirino - To the sky borders. A new, strange, wonderful crop circle was born.

by Margherita Campaniolo

27/06/06Poirino pictures - the pictures of crop circles sent by Giovanni B.

26/06/06 The aliens have landed. There is much curiosity at Santa Lucia, a small village near Recanati, Macerata for three circles found in a field of wheat.

26/06/06 RECANATI Misterious “circles” in a field of wheat Each year  they are in our places, striking our imagination and fancy.

26/06/06 Those magic crop circles… At Corigliano. It is the first case in the South of Italy. The field of “mysteries”. Where the fancy and the fascinating superhuman phenomenon replace reality, going beyond dreaming of "Ufo" and aliens. A big and blooming field of wheat, located along the Corigliano State Road 106 in the countryside of Losina, since some days has been the favourite goal by lots of curious people.

26/06/06 Terzo d'Acqui - Alessandria - Picture Thanks to Ale, a Space Freedom user, who sent this picture



26/06/06 Isola Villa - Asti - Picture

Thanks to the Space Freedom user who prefers to be unknown, for the gift of this wonderful picture



18/06/06 The big flower of Calcinaia Near Pisa a crop circle is blooming. It is the sixth crop circle near Pisa since 2003.



16/06/06 The big crop circle of Isola is drawing hundred of curiosus people.  A supposition- the owner field thinks it was a tornado.

16/06/06 Mysterious circle at Isola. Advised by a farmer, it is a perfect “round”; The field is at few meters from the building with the big «M» showing the head office of the Asti Consortium

16/06/06 «Cercles» on the main road of Mandria  The ears of a wheat field have been flattened. The field owner noted this and called the 112 for the police

15/06/06 Mysterious geometrical singns in a field of alfalfa in Cartoceto. Appeared on  Friday night and Saturday morning. Soon advised in a web site of ufo’s researchers

15/06/06 Between 25th of may and the 5th of june formations have been noted by the National Press and by calls to membershipis and ufo's discussion groups in Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza), Seguro/Cusago (Milano), Saronno (Varese), Umbertide (Perugia), and Sparanise (Caserta)

15/06/06 Crop circle found in Mirandola, near Gavello (Modena)  Aliens in Gavello, this is the title on the “Gazzetta di Modena” issue of 11th of June but the owner field, Mauro Martini, who found the formation on Monday 5th of June, thinks different: "boy’s prank"

15/06/06 Back in 2006 too the crop circles at Acqui Terme - Near Rocchino Different opinions on the makers: jolly dogs or aliens


15/06/06 Crop circles near Terzo D'Acqui Two years ago they were noted near The Roman Archs. This time the field is on the main road between Terzo and Arzello

15/06/06 Terzo D'Acqui and the crops May be because they are in a secondary road not of large transit, perhaps because the news are now faded, but the crop circles appeared last day in the middle of a field of Terzo d’Acqui have not been visited by curious people as two years ago.

15/06/06 Survey by Paolo Toselli on the crop circle of Terzo d'Acqui The ufo’s researcher: crop circles.

15/06/06 The crop circle of Buriasco (Appendini) call several curious people. First opinions  Thanks may be to the long holidays of the 2nd of June, Appendini became in the last days a famous goal for ufo’s researchers and not only. Different opinions among the ufo’s researchers, agronomists and people living there.

04/06/06 Mazzo di Rho 2006 - The discoverer of the crop circle wrote to us We have received the kind e-mail of the discoverer of crop circle of Mazzo di Rho to help us to better clarify the event, both from a chronological point of view and for the happenings. We are pleased to edit the issue adding as follows the reply that Margherita Campaniolo has duly sent to the user, further such kindness from him.

by Umberto and Margherita Campaniolo

01/06/06 Crop circle at Appendini Phenomenon like that of Macello, just one year ago. It happened between Saturday and Sunday night in Mairola at Scalenghe

01/06/06 A Vesica Piscis at Gallo D'Alba (Cuneo)

Classical shapes in Piemonte


27/05/06 It is time of “paintings” on the corn. Simple geometry at Mazzo di Rho, but nothing to do with the tracks advised in Italy up to now. This is really the first Italian pattern of 2006.

Margherita Campaniolo


27/05/06 At Mazzo. Here are back the crop circles. But they are man work. The crop circles are back at Mazzo, in the same barley field of Pace road where two years ago they were found.


27/05/06 The Ufo sometimes “come back”. Two years later the mysterious patterns in a grass of the road Mazzo - Rho


27/05/06 Ufo researchers  gather at Rocchetta Belbo. Since some days curious and Ufo fans  people from Asti have been visiting a small field of barley located in San Martino di Rocchetta Belbo. Three circles perfectly marked have appeared.

27/05/06 San Giovanni in Marignano. Long passages of flat corn. The drawings of nature, what a charm!

18/05/06 San Giovanni al Natisone – circles in the fields, the report of the ufo expertUfo or simply somebody who want have fun? The question arises from the pictures taken by a young boy living in Friuli, in a field where some "crop circles" are shown.

18/05/06 In front of Musiné some ears flattened by the wind have soon caused everybody to call for "crop circles" Caselette: between the interpretations of this phenomenon there is also the idea of «a warning against the tunnels of high speed»...The joke of the  NO-TAV (no-high speed tunnel)  aliens.


13/05/06 Merate: signs in the corn at Brugarolo – and  comment of a “enlightened” reader!

12/05/06 The “marked” corn fields are increasing. They are at Cairate, Cassano Magnago, Mozzate, Locate Varesino. And the bent ears become a souvenir

11/05/06 Cairate, the alien ‘s psychosis. After Mozzate, it si Ufo “emergency” in another country too, this time is near Varese. At Bolladello di Cairate, in a corn field along the main road no.12, strange crop circles appeared. The witnesses swear that thay are identical to the ones near Como. Well, do the aliens love our district?

Torna su

11/05/06 Because of  crop circles the Como county divide: aliens or weather? Just two schools of mind: the aliens visited a thousand times the county of Como; people who saw them should empty some barrels of wine less before going to bed. As a matter of fact people living in (Como), a village not too far from the border of Varese, have split up and the UFO subject in the last days was more discussed than the election of the new Republic President.

10/05/06 The Ufo at Mozzate? Pilgrimage of curious people. Strange round shapes appeared in the usual corn field attract many people


 10/05/06 Mozzate. «My God, the Ufo are here» Circles and letters in a field of corn. The villagers: night of suspense. The people from Mozzate, a village between Como e Milano, are sure. Yesterday morning, strange signs, a kind of T and circles, appeared in a corn field.

29/03/06 Ufo reseracher is investigating on the spot of the circle of  Col  Osigo. Grass and samples of soil have been taken to be analysed in Pisa 

22/03/06 Inquiry into a Circle at Osigo . The Ufo researcher : «A very odd phenomenon , I will carry out an investigation on the spot.» 

22/03/06 A circle in the field, Ufo-hunting! Found in a place near  Fregona: «The field has had recent manure»

16/02/06 Circles  at «Prato Grande» have nothing to do with the black art. The mystery has been solved, unless new revelations, for the strange figures that have appeared in these current weeks

14/02/06 Circles at Prato Grande, deep mystery. The remains found in these weeks by some trippers at "Prato Grande", on the coast between Chiavenna and Piuro, are a mystery. Probably it is a joke but the interpretations about the odd signs are flourishing.












Crop circles abroad

22/03/06 strange circles near the pyramids. The mystery,  over-highlighted by the contemporary millenary “storm”, invades again the Old Egypt: interpretations related to the exoteric doctrines and the Ufo’s theory too.

By Margherita Campaniolo

16/02/06 "Eddie Fuck" between English ears of wheat advises a funny discovery by the web service Google maps, a message left in a wheat field in Glasgow, in England

By Margherita Campaniolo

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About crop circles

16/02/06 Who is Tucker Darby? Generally we know the "story" about the discovery, in Newton, of the unusual picture showing a crop circles, signed V. Stove, 1913. You will never guess ! Today a small certainty, among several doubts, there is!


05/02/06 "Stove, 1913" – A mysterious picture was found in an attic in Iowa. It shows a complex crop circle. There was a notable interest by crop circle researchers in the news about  a picture found in an attic of a house in a little town in Iowa. The discoverer is Mr.Tucker Darby who went to his parent’s house in Newton (his town of origin) to spend his holidays and found the strange picture.

By Margherita Campaniolo

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