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29/09 Jokers at Puianello. Circles in the grass on the hills of Puianello. They have been advised by a woman living there, wondering about the reason of this phenomenon. She is sure she saw some lights in the sky the night before.

28/08 Between Canove di Govone and Priocca

24/08  Let’s go back to the crop circles of Delia and to the Sicilian sightings For a correct information we quote what the Sicilian press wrote about this subject however not hiding our perplexity. Some news are contrasting. It is up to the readers to judge. We will not forget to publish the clarifications that we are looking for since Delia case... Geometrical or not?

 19/07 Panocchia – The crop circles are back. Rejected again!

19/07 Offida – Still circles, still Marche - Offida, circles and ravagers 2nd of July – The crop carvers throw into a disorder. The wheat’s flower “sprouted” in a location rather difficult to get because it is in open country, and the onlookers break into the surrounding fields to watch it closer, in spite of the ripening harvests. Neither the warning notices stop the invaders.

19/07 Really beautiful the crop of Offida. Here are the nice pictures thanks to Gabriele sending.

19/07 The mysterious crop circles appear at Morrovalle 1st of July – a series of big mysterious crop circles, sprouted in the morning in different country places in the region of Marche, from a possible village joke they are getting the “torment” of this summer.  A call not just for UFO researchers and expertises of “energetic spheres endowed with intelligence”, but also for onlookers and families. The suggestion is now very high.

19/07 Here is the crop of Morrovalle. Thanks to the photos of one of you, Dino

19/07 The Mayor: "Be careful" Traffic in confusion His sceptical mind causes him to distrust specific phenomena. However, Mr.Acquaroli, the Mayor, stopped for longtime on the scene of the mysterious circles "We are waiting for a scientific proof”. The military guards of the “carabinieri” post have been very busy to control the traffic.

19/07 Still crop cicles in the Marche region, at Osimo 29th of June – a fast survey of the place, some samples taken in the bent ears and on the soil by the Cun. But the UFO idea does not seem to stand.

19/07 Near Legnano, at Dairago, "ufo’s circles" 27th of June – While the onlookers are continuously coming in a crowd, policemen and “carabinieri” guards are investigating trying to give an acceptable explanation to the mysterious “circles” that have suddenly appeared inside a corn field in Crocefisso street, behind the sporting centre of Dairago.

 19/07 Still crops at Montegranaro. A beautiful daisy 25th of June – This time it is a more complex figure. A pattern that immediately recalls the phenomenon of crop circle as topical subject.

19/07 After two years the phenomenon of crop circles has come back to Montegranaro  24/25th of June – The enigma of the crop circles at Montegranaro is back after two years. In the night from Friday to Saturday a big crop circle appeared. The researchers from anywhere in Italy have already invaded the “footwear” town.

19/07 Montegranaro, taken corn samples The curiosity about the new crop circle that appeared last time in the country is not growing less – the Mayor has soon said : “Let’s try not to be absurd” - The CUN disapproved.

19/07 Two big circles at Valle San Martino 24th of June – Now two big crop circles have taken place even between Appignano and Offida, close to the country road across Valle San Martino. Two circles of one hundred meters of diameter as minimum.

19/07 Inquiries at Offida they are investigating at Offida about the mysterious and big "crop circles" appeared in a corn field on Friday night. The field owner denounced to the “carabinieri”  against unknown – a joke or a still unknown phenomenon? Also the “carabinieri” are investigating.

19/07 Thanks to Lorenzo, here are the pictures of the crop circle of San Biagio di Osimo Precisely on a little hill laying between the road to Osimo and the above street of Colle San Biagio. On the slope a perfect circle of about thirty meters of diameter. A kind of tattoo in the soil.

19/07 Even Sicily has its crop circle 28th of June – Mysterious patterns in a corn field become a case at Delia, village a few kilometres far from Caltanissetta. Paranormal phenomenon, made by a joker or simply a sport of nature? In the village, for one week, the daily subject has become a rectangle and two circles.

19/07 Strambino – An user has noticed a pattern 23rd of June – one circle, three concentric rings with three small circles: the picture of Mercury, Venus and Earth in motion around the sun? Perhaps, who could be sure? Of course, the crop of Strambino reminds the image of the most classical crop circles and it is surely a crop from Piemonte between two green and blooming maize fields ....

25/06 Crop circle at Marsciano, near Perugia  And a community is wondering also by a local discussion forum of young people, this is to show how even  a "sign" in a field can be a starting point of remarks and union.

25/06 This is the time of Sant'Elpidio A Mare – We are back to talk of the unusual phenomenon in the land of Cura Mostrapiedi in a corn field near the graveyard a crop circle was found.

12/06 The crop circles are back  In summertime the crop circles are back. Yesterday morning people living in the area between Mercato and Taibo, leaning out of their windows, were able to admire in the fields in front of them a crop circle.

12/06 Crop circles at Laterina  Great noise was made in these last days at Latrina where mysterious Crop Circles were found,  in the night from the 6th to 7Th of June. Besides lots of onlookers and Ufo researchers by chance, this phenomenon drew the attention of a group of Film-makers from Arezzo.

12/06 Crop circle near Pisa in the valley of Era it appeared in the night from the 1st to the 2nd of June precisely between Peccioli and Capannoli, near Pisa and close to the Airbase Valdera

12/06 Ufo’s centre verify the circles found at Roddi At Roddi in Langa lands there are crop circles, the famous circles of the film «Signs».

06/06 Ufo’s circles in the field of Rina Again they have appeared in a barley field at Ranzano

 02/06 At Macello onlookers and Ufo reasearchers discuss the circle  Since last Wednesday, when the news spread, people coming and going was all the time.

02/06 Signs in the corn at Oleggio (Novara) the sighting of strange “signs” in a field in Valsesia street is increasing people’s interest, there the supposed famous “crop circles” have been noted.

28/05 Crop circle at Macello A big perfect circle, of 20 meters of diameter, has suddenly appeared in the middle of a corn field, in the country around Macello



21/05 Signs again near Lucca, this time at Tonfano After the patterns appeared at San Donato, the mysterious phenomenon happened again in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday also in some fields at Tonfano

21/05 Mysterious patterns in the fields of San Donato (Lucca) Strange patterns in the fields near Lucca. They had appeared at beginning of last June at Nozzano. Now they have appeared, surprisingly, in some barley fields in San Donato, around di Ronco street.

17/05 Milano have seconds I have seen a crop circle an user advises us the discovery of a formation found last Sunday at Baranzate

By Margherita Campaniolo

16/05 Mystery or easy joke? Or neither of them? The crop circles cause discussions again. New case at Lidarno Whatever they are mysterious alien messages or the idea of some good-time people in search of fame, one thing is certain: the finding of the crop circles near Lidarno, along a country road in Pontevalleceppi, leaves more than one doubts. Waiting to check the nature of this phenomenon, there is only the soil track left.

14/05 In a rye field the aliens’ tracks? Around Lissone, near Bareggia di Macherio and Biassono the aliens…have landed. Or better, this is the rumour that spread last Wednesday in the village.

14/05 Strange crop circles have appeared At Vigonovo, near Venezia, three circles have a lot of talk about: the news, the opinion of an ufologist and of a scientist..

23/02 Mysterious shapes in the snow at Roveredo A track of Ufo landing at Roveredo?

19/02 Found circular tracks on a field at Bastida de’ Dossi Fifteen crop circles left by something: weeds, weedkillers with clear contraindications or tracks of …. Ufo?

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Crop circles abroad

  23/04/05 Those aliens of English crop circles! Ripley, nr Bournemouth, Dorset- Here is the time of the first English crop circle  of 2005

By Margherita Campaniolo

08/04/05  "alien" feed in Holland Hoeven, Noord Braband, 6th April – First crop circle of 2005?

By Margherita Campaniolo

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About crop circles

21/05 A mint-flavoured bat first crop circle in USA. Model of Batman? Or a bat with particular tastes? It is over 6000 m˛ of size the first American crop circle  and represents the sign of Bacardi Company in a mint field of New Jersey

By Margherita Campaniolo

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29/09 The crop circles? Laser maser! (Sursum corda.....) New surveys take to the use of the MASER for the creation of the amazing drawings in the corn

23/03/05 «No aliens signs» says the Dutch scientist  Haselhoff who has written a book about the phenomenon

23/03/05 The crop circles, mystery to be disclosed According to the goldsmith  Zucchetta there is a mathematic meaning that recall them to the fourteenth century paint, to «tetraktis» of Pitagora and  the esagramma


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