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Crop circles - Italy

At Calcinaia the crop circles tradition goes on This year do not change, the same place you have to flatten

by Margherita Campaniolo


11/06/07 The Queen of diamonds of Monteau da Po'. Once it was told "June, the sickle in your hands", it seems instead that, little by little, the saying may be supported by another one of new origin such as "June, the table in my hands"

by Margherita Campaniolo

11/06/07 Ancora Ancona! The italian crop circles are getting more and more nice! The field is located between the small villages of Casine di Paterno and Sappanico, near Ancona. These places have been, this year, the scenario of several nice crop circles


by Margherita Campaniolo

27/05/07 Big rings at Candia, Ancona again as “leading role”! Marche on the scene for the crop circles

by Margherita Campaniolo


27/05/07 At Calcinera di Farigliano signs in the wheat

by Margherita Campaniolo



27/05/07 At Calcinaia again? Strange signs in the wheat, at Calcinaia. Tests for a crop circle 2007 or "aliens" to be rejected?

by Margherita Campaniolo


27/05/07 A perfect circle has appeared in the field of S. Costanzo. The field owner is not able to find a reason: "but I do not believe ufo"

27/05/07 Goodbye, circles , now in the wheat the “P” has come out. The field of wheat is on the hills of  Gradara where yesterday a “P” shape of twenty meters length and approximately of ten meters width was found.

27/05/07 At Castel d'Emilio the circles fever.  The hot summer of Italian crop circles

by Margherita Campaniolo


25/05/07 The crop circle of Riesi. Thanks to the citizens we can have more details about the news of the Riesi crop circle

by Margherita Campaniolo


24/05/07 At Riesi the first crop circle in Sicily In Contrada Figotto, near Caltanissetta, one circular shape surrounded by other six circumferences

by Margherita Campaniolo


16/05/07 the flower of Forlì. After the flower of Forlì with three petals, the flower of Forlì with the little star (and a couple of Forlì winds) here is an elegant crop circle.

by Margherita Campaniolo


15/05/07 When the wheat goes down, the doubts rise! Stop to everybody, here is the mystery: One, two, three..... Stall!

by Margherita Campaniolo


15/05/07 Crop circe at Coccolia, an emulation of Forlì ones?



15/05/07 Quaderna, mysterious crop circles. Never seen something like that, this is the amazement of the field owner

15/05/07 Everybody look at those crop circles. Mystery at Quaderna

15/05/07 Flying over the mysterious crop circles - At Quaderna

05/05/07 Forlì: works of “art'' or physical phenomena? The crop circles have come back. Two different works have been found


05/05/07 Grave, Cellina – The joke of Ufo is back! Concentric circles drawn in the grass












Crop circles abroad

05/05/07 The English skill is not denied, at the beginning of the season 2007. Between tradition and innovation         

By Margherita Campaniolo

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About crop circles

28/05/07 Reflection: hands off from UFO big rings at Candia, Ancona again as “leading role”. Marche on the scene for the crop circles

By Margherita Campaniolo


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Inside crop circles

Inside the track of Casine di Paterno

If aliens, they are mystical and saver, if humans, they are jokers. When it is told that there is no any middle course.

If there is internal radiation, it is a mystery, if there is externally, as well; if it has broken ears it is real, or false, or real, or false... When you can say:” It's all grist to the mill, apart from this.

By Margherita Campaniolo

Wonders under microscope. The patterns by Tommy Borms of two Italian fomations. Borms stops to discuss with us about crop circles: "The only way to stay inside a symbol instead of looking at it by photo or painting"

By Margherita Campaniolo




Look and be silent.  There are still so many people who write or approach me to ask “the reason” for crop circles. By the way, crop circles like the ones of Ronco, Forlì, give an answer, a silent answer  to which we can reply with the same silence : look and be silent.

By Margherita Campaniolo






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